Makerspace on the road

During two days we put the makerspace on wheels together with Kreativum in order to bring the concept pf creation with technology to the younger kids in Blekinge County. We visited two schools (Kättilsmåla skola and Hobyskolan)…

Uppfinnare på sportlovet!

Produktutvecklingslabbet bjöd in till en eftermiddag i Karlskrona Makerspace där ungdomar fick delta i årets sportlovsaktivitet; att bygga sin egen “automata”, en mekanisk skulptur.

Simulation-Driven Design, Projects 2018

Modelling and simulation are today a natural part of engineering design in businesses of all types and sizes. However, transition from simulation as primary a tool for verifying solutions that are already decided upon towards…

Value Innovation projects 2018

The 2018 edition of the MT2554 Value innovation course featured a total of 8 projects in collaboration with 5 company partners. The course is offered to students in the Master Programme of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Economy.…

Öppet Makerspace vid luncher

Våra "MakerNinjas" Johan Bruce och Alexander Croon finns på plats i Makerspace varje tisdag samt fredag under lunchtid. Oavsett vilket program du går, kom och ställ frågor om Innovation Labs!