//MakerTruck | 2014

MakerTruck | 2014

Having given plenty of workshops for schools in Karlskrona and seeing the problem of bringing kids to BTH we have realised that there is a need for a mobile makerspace that can bring workshop to schools (or companies) for a day, a mobile makerspace, hence MakerTruck!

Inspirational is the Sparktruck initiative from Stanford.

Sparktruck workshop at Stanford d.school

The idea is to have;

  • A vehicle with logo and sponsors to move around the material
  • Material on moveable pallet to be able to scan/digitalize, 3d-print, prototype in electronics/IoT/coding/robotics
  • Curricula for 2/4/8 hour workshops that inspire kids and grown-up explorers to innovate with curiosity

Find latest info on the makertruck concept here: https://www.makertruck.se/

Contact: Professor Tobias Larsson